Dried Cochineal for Dyeing

Sourced directly from the cochineal producers in San Juan la Laguna, these 4-ounce bags of whole dried cochineal make an excellent starter material for those interested in dyeing with this magical insect.

Want to learn how to dye with "cochinilla"? Come join us on one of our Textile Travels!

Please note that we do not foresee being able to offer natural dye courses online because of the time necessary and the distance to our artisan partners. Join us in-person on a travel itinerary instead ;) or search online for resources, as there is plenty of existing content already on how to work with this famous red. (Though on cotton, the color achieved is more pink than red).

Each bag includes 4 oz of dried cochineal grown and harvested in San Juan la Laguna. 

Interested in natural dyes? Check out our booklet of colors.


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