Jacket San Juan Atitán

This is a vintage handwoven jacket traditionally worn by men in San Juan Atitán. Visiting the small town on market day is such a treat - women and men both dressed in the reds and purples in the verdant highlands. Similar colors and motifs are used for women's huipiles, handwoven with supplementary weft brocade. But here, in this jacket or "camisa" version, the patterns have been hand-embroidered carefully, mimicking the brocade designs very carefully. Gorgeous work.

Traditionally, handwoven textile panels are not cut in Guatemala, because cutting would be weakening the structure of the weave. The construction of this jacket shows this concept, which is impressive considering the sleeves.

The red base is cotton, with supplementary weft threads in an acrylic blend. A gorgeous wearable piece of art with detailed brocade and randa embroidery. This piece fits like a US size XS or S loosely, and can also be worn as a cardigan-type garment for size M.



Width: 9 inches

Length: 24 inches

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