Ikat Donburi Bowl


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Textile-inspired designs in a new medium and context, further connecting traditions and cultures in a practical way. We love our hand-painted bowls, inspired by the comfort that homeware and food bring us. We like to refer to this bowl as "giant"- just the right size for those cozy Asian noodle soups like ramen, pho, and more. But the vessel is also wonderful for sharing foods at the table, like large salads, roasted veggies, mashed potatoes... really, whatever you want to have at the table, family-style with a serving spoon. The large size is also beautiful as a table-top fruit holder, or other items kept visible at home.

Each stoneware piece is hand-thrown and painted by a ceramic cooperative at Lake Atitlán. We went through many trials, and we're delighted to offer our medium-sized Ikat Rice Bowls and our oversized Ikat Donburi Bowls. 

The chosen ikat design is not specific to a place; rather, it is a familiar and simple ikat design that can be found across many cultures. Textiles, just like ceramics and food, can have so much cultural significance.

These ceramic pieces were born out of a selfish desire to feel comfort, to be transported back to childhood memories of grandma's noodle soup. We hope that they bring you comfort, too.


Width at top: 7.5 inches

Length: 4.5 inches 


Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe. 

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