Vintage 44: Corte Santo Domingo Xenacoj


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This traditional corte from Santo Domingo Xenacoj (Note that the "x" is pronounced with a <sh> sound) features beautiful hand-embroidered joining called "randa" and was sourced directly in the town by our friend and embroidery master Claribel. She knew right away that we would love this piece as much as she did!


This type of heavier-weight cotton corte with darker navy blue is called "morga" and is great for so many uses! See in images that this piece is especially gorgeous with faded indigo tones from use. 

Heavy enough to throw over a table or bring to the park for a picnic and still light enough to be used for sewing projects, especially jackets and mid-weight skirts. 

The flowers randa embroidery is completely reversible, beautiful on both sides.

This piece has been cut so it is not in loop form. The ends have been sewn by machine. We think this would be an excellent piece for upholstery because of the weight-clean selvages at the sides of the corte. 


Width: 44 inches

Length: 73.5 inches 

Care: Machine wash in gentle cycle and line dry.

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Paula Richards
Perfect textile

This Corte is truly beautiful. The Randa adds the perfect soft colors. When I saw this, I knew I had to add it to my collection. Using it folded on the back of my living room sofa. I’ve received many compliments.