Winter Hot Kakaw Bundle 2

Finally, a bundle to enjoy another aspect of what we love about Guatemala - the cacao tradition! This is the magical fruit we are named after, creating the truly Maya drink, the Drink of the Gods. 

To prepare your drink, just add hot water, hot milk, sugar and spices as you'd like. For getting the most out of spices in your hot chocolate like cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, or even chili, we recommend boiling in a pot for a few minutes.

Is this a gift? We would be happy to add a special note, please let us know in comments at check-out. All our shipments go wrapped nicely in a reusable corte bag with a draw string. 


Each bundle contains:

  • 1 medium ikat tumbler of your color choice
  • 1 bag (50g) of cacao husk for making tea
  • 1 bag (50g) hot chocolate powder made with local cacao



We are shipping directly from Guatemala. Processing time is 1 business day and DHL/UPS usually take 3-5 days to US destinations.

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