Wild Berry Oversized Tote 2

We took a naturally-dyed backstrap-woven textile sent to us by out weaving partners at Lake Atitlán, and had some fun converting the existing textile into two unique oversized bags with hand-stitching. The hand-embroidery is of simple running stitches, also with naturally-dyed cotton, performed poco a poco by our friends in Sumpango. We added a layer of repurposed corte to the stitching, making this bag extra strong with three layers of handwoven textile (outer, middle, and inner lining).

A useful bag for when you want to carry more than usual, or just throw things in there. Minimal leather accents to keep the bag light, but still sturdy. Inside comes with a leather pocket with a zipper, and two textile pockets, as well as a leather strap to hook your keys on.

Handmade from start to finish.



Width: 18 inches

Length: 15 inches

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