Vintage 43: Corte Santiago Atitlán

A lovely example of the traditional rouge corte from Santiago Atitlán. This traditional corte style is woven in the town itself for local wear, which contrasts to other cortes made in Salcajá, for example, and are distributed all over the country. Note that an extra strip has been added to give the corte more length when worn. The weight is on the lighter side, making this piece soft and with movement.

This town does not use the decorative randa. Instead, the entire width of the corte is one textile woven on a pedal loom, with intricate ikat patterns inserted in the weft for the entire width. The details of the ikat patterns are especially ornate.

This piece is closed, meaning it is still in the original "looped" form. Note that an extra "strip" of corte has been added to give the skirt extra length at the bottom when worn. 


Width: 33.5 inches 

Length: 79.5 inches

Material: Cotton 

Care: Hand wash or machine wash in gentle cycle separately and line dry.

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