Tortilla-making with Doña Lidia / TBD

No meal is complete in Guatemala without freshly-made corn tortillas! Traditionally made with dried corn (best if you grew them yourself!) that is soaked overnight and then ground at the town mill that same morning. The masa is then made by hand into the circular tortilla shapes, and toasted on a comal.

Don't have dried corn, a town mill, a comal, or an open-fire kitchen? Don't worry, Doña Lidia is adapting the traditional recipe so that you can make fresh tortillas out of Maseca corn flour, which is readily available internationally. 

Feel free to join us on Zoom as a household for this kid-friendly activity. Doña Lidia speaks English, and we will have bilingual staff available to translate if necessary.  

This class will be held live on Saturday, October 30th, from 12noon-1pm Guatemala time (CST). The Zoom information will be sent a few days before the class along with a PDF guide with some basics. Please have corn Maseca flour (or similar) ready.

After the class, we will be sharing some handwoven Tapacanastos being sold by Doña Lidia. These are beautifully-decorated textile pieces used traditionally to cover tortillas in order to keep them clean and hot. 

We will not be recording this session for privacy reasons (children).

Maximum number of participants: 12

Questions? Please take a look at our FAQ blog post and if not answered there, email us at

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