Three Panel Picbil in White

//A new Artisan Direct listing from our partners in Cobán!//

Handwoven three panels full of gentle picbil/pikbil in the most traditional white thin cotton have been combined with gentle hand-embroidery to bring you this treasure. This extremely light-weight piece is like gauze and is especially gorgeous against natural light. Notable is the practice of the four-selvage finish for each panel.

The piece can also be worn as a large wrap scarf, or used in other places around the home for a beautiful accent. It is filled with some of our favorite pikbil figures - cotton trees, birds, and people harvesting cotton.

Handwoven by a cooperative of weavers in Cobán. Please note that all selvedges are cleanly finished, showing excellent backstrap weaving skills and patience. The thin cotton is reserved for the most beautiful and traditional of picbil garments. This piece could be turned into a traditional huipil, but the neck opening has not been made.

This piece was handwoven by the talented Olivia


Width: 39 inches

Length: 45 inches 

Material: Cotton

Care: Soak in water over night and wash by hand with gentle detergent and line-dry or lay flat to dry.

Collections: Artisan Direct, Cobán

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