This Week's Pre-Order Deal: Corte Skirt / CLOSED

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This Week's Pre-Order Deal: Corte Skirt / September 9th - 23rd


We worked on a new cozy garment with Juan Carlos! This time, a flexible-sizing skirt with elastic on the back of the waistline as well as a little sash/ribbon to tie. Two generous pockets on the sides, just like our Cozy Pants. We love how comfortable these skirts are!

Available in S/M and L/XL. See below for measurements.

Choose also your corte preference between Only Navy Blue and Navy Blue with Some Colors. Please note that the corte fabrics are one of a kind and we cannot guarantee the exact same fabric. That's why the two color categories - we can work with all navy blue and navy blue with some colors integrated.

Please allow three weeks after the end of the pre-order time for production.





28-38 inches 

Hips: 45 inches

Length: 30 inches  


Waist: 41-54

Hips: 57 inches

Length: 30 inches 

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