Tapacanasto Doña Lidia 1

A "tapacanasto" literally means "basket covering," and that's exactly how this textile is traditionally used, for special occasions. This simple and elegant handwoven tapacasto was woven by master weaver Doña Lidia from San Antonio Aguas Calientes, featuring double-sided brocade throughout the piece. The contrast in the weft creates a lovely plaid effect that is rarely seen in traditional textiles in Guatemala, as the weave is usually predominantly weft-faced on the backstrap loom.

We also love the fact that tapacanastos are adorned with detailed macramé fringes, adding such a sweet accent to a practical artwork.


Material: Cotton

Care: Wash by hand in cold water and hang or lay flat to dry.


Width: 21 inches

Length: 21 inches plus 2 inches of fringes on both ends

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