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Summer Cardigan in Café Tostado (S)

This is a one-of-a-kind variety of our handwoven breezy picbil cardigan in a light weight weave with cotton thread. The cardigan was naturally-dyed with toasted waste-coffee (beans that are not good enough for human consumption) after weaving at Lake Atitlán. We love the soft hue gradation visible in this garment.

This might just be the most luxurious and cozy addition to your wardrobe! Made with fine traditional picbil designs by weavers around Cobán, Guatemala. 

There are only four women who have mastered this delicate design, making the Cardigan extra special. It takes each weaver 4-6 weeks to complete a single cardigan, from start to finish.

Wear it layered over a simple tank top in the summer, or long-sleeve blouses in the winter. Flows beautifully when worn open. Also beautiful with an accent belt.

This piece fits like size XS or S.

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Length: 21 inches plus 3inches of macramé fringing

Width: 26.5 inches, plus front opening which allows for a loose fit

Material: Cotton

Care: Soak in water overnight and wash by hand with gentle detergent and line-dry or lay flat to dry.

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