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Quetzal Shoes

Design your own leather shoes with handwoven textiles, complete with laces with easy fitting.  The textiles seen here are repurposed used traditional fabrics here in Guatemala.  **New addition: Just Leather, no textile - for a clean and versatile look**

Because each pair of shoes is custom-made, please allow two weeks to complete your order. They will then be shipped via DHL with a tracking number. Shipping to the US takes just 3-5 days, and a little more for other destinations.

Oh, and these shoes are unisex!  So boys, don't feel left out 😊  If you don't see your size listed, please contact us. We can also make bigger sizes.

As always, the durable leather soles and laces make these shoes super comfortable.  Comes with a shoe polish kit and a reusable corte bag.

Have any questions on sizing?  Check our sizing chart.

Questions on textiles or anything else?  Just send us an email at


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