Picbil Shawl in Chamomile

Wearing the gentle and delicate picbil weave feels like being wrapped up in clouds. Traditionally, this weave is only practiced near Cobán, Guatemala, and it is one of the more complicated weaves performed on backstrap looms because of its delicacy, using very thin cotton thread.

The soft ochre color comes from locally-harvested chamomile, and the darker ochre from another local plant also often used for tea. These dye pots sure smell good!

For this gentle shawl, the cotton has been naturally-dyed by our partner artisans at Lake Atitlán. We've taken this thread to our partner weavers near Cobán, and they were able to transform the material into this gauze-like shawl that feels divine to have around your neck and shoulders. 

Woven in three separate panels and then hand-stitched together, it takes around a month for a skilled weaver to finish one shawl. The picbil design featured is of cacao leaves - cacao is one of the beloved plants of the area, and the hot cacao drink is still cherished in the region. 

This product ships directly from Guatemala.



Width: 35 inches / 89 cm

Length: 60 inches / 152 cm

This item ships from Guatemala.

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