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Patchwork Picnic Blanket 8: Indigo Embroidery

We've put together pieces of traditional cortes (wrap skirts) full of ikat and combined them with naturally-dyed indigo cotton embroidery to create this unique picnic blanket perfect for enjoying the outdoors in pairs or small groups. Because we made the most of the corte strips we had leftover from production, each blanket has slightly different measurements, not to mention patchwork design.

The cortes used are made with cotton and very soft, making these blankets also great for using on the couch, with kids, and more.

Each blanket has been hand-stitched all along the edges by our artisan partners in Sumpango using naturally-dyed cotton thread prepared at Lake Atitlán. The embroiderers are happy to work from home during the pandemic as many family members are out of work at the moment. We used naturally-dyed indigo thread doe this piece in particular.


54 inches by 64 inches

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