Panel 6: Tactic

This is a newly handwoven gem being sold by the weaver herself. Gorgeous three matching brocaded panels are joined with hand-stitching true to the traditional style from Tactic, Alta Verapaz. Can you spot the birds, flowers, corn, and baskets?

Traditionally, a neck opening would be cut open in the middle of such a three-panel piece to construct it into a huipil. But without the opening, it also makes for lovely home decor. The three panels can easily be separated also, if you prefer to use them separately. 

Each panel's selvages have been meticulously finished on the loom. This is the work for a master weaver, Aura.

Material: Cotton / cotton blend


Care: Wash in cold water by hand, with gentle detergent. Hang or lay flat to dry.


Width: 41.5 inches

Length: 41 inches 

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