Naturally-dyed Decor Looms

Decorate your home with a backstrap loom woven with naturally-dyed hues and eye-catching ikat designs inspired by traditional jaspe patterns in Guatemala. Bring a bit of heritage tradition to your living space, brightening up your home with an eco-friendly and responsibly-made product. Designed by Mari and prepared from start to finish by our partner dyers and weavers at Lake Atitlán. Each loom is handwoven and comes with all the real-life tools used attached. We think this is a fantastic way to showcase the heritage art of backstrap weaving, and we hope that it sparks many conversations with family and friends to share appreciation and knowledge of the processes involved.

Natural dyes used include natural indigo (from El Salvador), cochineal (from San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala), and a locally-grown basil variety. 

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Measurements for the textile (the wooden parts are a bit wider):

Width: 14 inches

Length: 26 inches


Naturally-dyed cotton yarns, hand-carved local wood, handmade maguey fiber rope for hanging.


Hang away from direct sunlight as natural dyes will fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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