Naturally-dyed Scarf + Earring Combo: Chipilín

This is a very special combo with our favorite repurposed shawl and jade + silver earrings, both with naturally-dyed cotton finishings. This lush green comes from a local plant called chipilín, which is also delicious in tamales!

We made five variations of this scarf + earrings combinations in different naturally-dyed hues. Corte Wraps are as always hand-embroidered all along the edges by our embroidery artisan partners in Sumpango. The earrings are handmade by our friends at Xibalba using the same naturally-dyed cotton prepared for us at Lake Aitlán. 

A fusion of traditions and mediums, all coming together to represent the beauty of Guatemala.

The earrings have been left extra long (about 8 inches), as long as the quetzal's tail, we like to say. We thought this would be a nice way for each person to customize their earrings, by cutting them to their desired length. 

Earring Measurements:

Jade bead: 0.25 inch

Thread: 8 inches, please cut to your liking.


Scarf Measurements:

Width: 26 inches

Length: 65 inches plus 5 inches of macramé fringing on each end

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