Naturally-dyed Cotton Thread: bundle of 5 colors

These bundles of thread have all been carefully hand-dyed by our partner weavers at Lake Atitlán. These are the exact threads we use for weaving and embroidery. It occurred to us that others might enjoy getting creative with these hues as much as we have. Each bundle is approximately 1.6 oz. 

Most dyes are found locally, either harvested by the weavers themselves or purchased at local markets. Two notable exceptions sourced from neighboring countries are the dark natural indigo which comes in powder form from El Salvador, and the dried cochineal which comes from Mexico. Unfortunately, Guatemala does not reliably produce enough of these two dye sources anymore. However, light indigo hues can be extracted from the local "Sacatinta" bush found in abundance. Alum is used as a mordant for some colors.

Each order includes 5 bundles of thread. Currently, the website is not able to handle the number of variety in colors. So please leave the chosen color codes in the "Comment" section at check-out.

For special requests or questions, please inquire at

The threads are shipped directly from Guatemala, so are sold in bulk to make the shipping costs worthwhile.

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