Mini Picbil Loom: Naturally-dyed beige 2

//A new Artisan Direct listing from our partners in Cobán! Please note that this OOAK loom was woven with plant-dyed cotton prepared by the weavers themselves.//

A real-life backstrap loom in miniature form featuring the delicate and stunning regional picbil weave from our partner weavers in Cobán. This loom makes great home decor with an educational touch - see how the loom is set up for weaving, with heddles and other wooden tools still intact. The light shines beautifully through this gentle weave, reminiscent of gauze or even lace.

This unique mini loom has been handwoven using naturally-dyed cotton thread prepared by the weavers themselves. They are starting to experiment with natural dyes.

This mini loom was handwoven by Elvira.

Make this tradition part of your home with all of the tools attached. 

Dimensions: 13 inches by 12 inches (maximum parts of the wooden loom)

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