Medium Wool Rug in Jacaranda / Indigo

Semana Santa may be cancelled in Guatemala due to COVID-19, but this Jacaranda-hued alfombra (rug) sure gives us the feeling of the beautiful festivities, where the entire town (or even, country) is dressed in purple everywhere we see. Window curtains, flag poles, flowers in display - all purple. Not to mention the processions, also featuring lots of purple. 

This wool rug was handwoven on a pedal loom in Momostenango. The warp is cotton, and the weft is wool. The wool itself is processed entirely by hand, even the spinning. After the weaving, this piece has been washed and cleaned thoroughly. It is a cozy rug, perfect for keeping your feet warm and making your home feel comfortable.

This accent piece is one of the very first rugs we dip-dyed together with Francisca at Lake Atitlán. Though Francisca is an expert natural dyer, she hadn't worked much with wool before. So we were both surprised to see the indigo dye resulting in this purple - but isn't it a delightful color? Sometimes, surprises are welcomed.



Width: 2.5 feet

Length: 5 feet

This item ships from Guatemala.

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