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Medium Soft Piled-high Rug in Indigo & Cochineal 1

//A new one-of-a-kind naturally-dyed rug!//

We love the cozy feeling of warm wool fibers under our feet. This piled rug is perfect for surfaces where we want the added gentle touch - perhaps by the bed or couch? The versatile size makes its use flexible.

This wool rug was first hand-woven in Momostenango using local wool, and then hand-dyed in natural indigo at Lake Atitlán. We love working with this natural protein fiber and exploring natural dye variations with our partner dyers. This rug is  a blend of deep magenta blush tones next to a beautiful blue, with the slightest hint of gray violet. Reminiscent of Mark Rothko's color field paintings. The cotton weft is a darker iris purple you can glimpse in between the wool soft pile.

Textile lovers will notice that this rug is very special when you look at the back side -- not only are the wool fibers handspun, so are the cotton fibers used in between the wool in the weft! A very special gem, indeed.

Wool products represent a significant source of income for Momostenango. From caring for the sheep, shearing, cleaning, spinning... all the way to weaving and then felting and teasing... it is all hard work, and a tradition that we hope will continue in the town.

Sometimes there are grass and thistle pieces stuck to the fibers. This is an element of the handmade process - and part of the fun!


Handspun cotton warp and some weft; remainder wool weft (and piled high).


Machine-washable in a gentle cycle or wool cycle in cold water with gentle detergent. Line dry. 

See our blog post for how to minimize washing wool rugs.

For best color protection, use in indirect sunlight as natural dyes will fade with direct sunlight exposure.


Width: 27 inches (2.3 feet)

Length: 52 inches (4.3 feet)

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