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Medium Cotton Rug: Sky Blue and Ochre Arrows

What a beautifully elegant cotton rug handwoven in Momostenango with soft chunky cotton yarn! Featuring natural white cotton and dyed light blue and beige tones, the arrow pattern has been woven row by row in tapestry weave on a wooden pedal loom in Momostenango. 

We love this medium size for all sorts of floor areas; it's really practical for living room / by the sofa, at the foot of the bed, etc. Also fun to move around the house for an easy change. 



Width: 31 inches (about 2.6 feet)

Length: 54 inches (about 4.5 feet)


Care: 1. Shake outside 2. Put in the sun 3. Wash in gentle cycle. Read more on the easy care recommendations here.

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