Learn about Guatemalan textiles from Doña Lidia! / TBD

We're dedicating an hour to talk about traditional handwoven garments from San Antonio Aguas Calientes and beyond, all shown and explained by Doña Lidia. This class will be held on Saturday, January 21st, from 11am-12noon Guatemala time. Please check the time difference from where you are.

Garments covered will include huipiles (blouses), tzutes (all-purpose cloths), fajas (belts), cortes (wrap skirts), tapacanastos (basket coverings), and more. Doña Lidia will be showing her own personal work as well as those of her sisters.

Have your questions ready! This will be an opportunity to get first-hand input from a master backstrap weaver. Doña Lidia's English is excellent!

We will also be showcasing some items for sale, and we can facilitate all logistics like payment and shipping.

Details will be sent via email a few days before, including the link to the Zoom meeting.


Some sample questions we've encountered during our backstrap weaving classes:

What does Doña Lidia think about repurposing traditional textiles? Is it offensive to use a faja for a bag, for example?

How is a tzute used?

Which parts of the huipil are double-brocade, and which parts single-brocade?

What is the difference between something woven for personal use and something woven for sale?

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