Large Wool Rug: Geometric Shapes in Grey and Brick

//A new Artisan Direct listing from our partners in Momostenango!//

Handwoven on an extra large footloom in Momostenango with natural local wool, this large rug is certain to make a statement of beauty and handmade appreciation in any home! The warp is cotton, the weft is hand-processed and hand-spun wool. The brick-colored yarns have been locally-dyed and the patterns are a result of tapestry weave woven row by row. Other colors used in this rug (white and grey) come from the natural colors of the sheep and are undyed.

This generous size would be beautiful in any large floor space at home - living room, bedroom, or even on the deck or outdoors on the ground for a nice picnic!



Width: 64 inches (about 5.4 feet)

Length: 82 inches (about 7 feet)


Care: 1. Shake outside 2. Put in the sun 3. Wash in gentle cycle. Read more on the easy care recommendations here.


Shipping is flat-rate on our website! Just $5 for orders over $100 to the US. See here for other destinations. 

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