Huipil 3: San Juan Cotzal

This is a truly stunning woven jewel full of small traditional brocade figures from the rural town San Juan Cotzal. Please note that this is a used traditional huipil (backstrap-woven blouse) being sold by the weaver herself, who is a member of the weaving cooperative from that town.

Threads used are high-quality cotton, with a rayon blend for embroidery floss along the neckline.

The neck opening is rather small; we were not able to put this piece on because of this. However, it is still beautiful as a decorative piece. If you would like us to open up the neck area more, please let us know in the comment section. This can be arranged to do by hand for an additional fee so that it can be worn. 

Please do not cut this handwoven jewel as it is full of tradition and heritage.



Width: 34 Inches

Length: 22 Inches 

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