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Huipil 19: San Juan Cotzal

This gorgeous three-panel pre-loved traditional huipil in the Nebaj style is being sold by the weaver herself, who now lives in nearby San Juan Cotzal and is a member of the cooperative of weavers there. The combination of the white base and the large animal figures in green and red brocade is very much traditional of Nebaj, in comparison to the other huipiles listed from Cotzal. Isn't it interesting how even nearby towns can have such different traditional patterns and styles?

The neckline has been machine-embroidered as is common in Nebaj. The neck opening is large enough to be worn (it works for Mari).

Threads used are cotton blends

This huipil is beautiful to wear and use as decoration as is or opened on the sides so that it can be laid flat. Please do not cut this handwoven gem as it is full of tradition and heritage.



Width: 29.5 inches

Length: 32.5 inches 

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