Festive Garlands Pre-Order: TBD

This is a new product that we are offering this year (2022) via pre-order only. The production involves a family of embroiderists that works on the pompoms stitch by stitch using our naturally-dyed and handwoven materials, and our friend and master pompom-maker Chato who carefully crafts the Chajul-style pompoms. 


Taking orders from Nov 6th -to Nov 19th, 2022.

A strand of 5 different figures hand-embroidered with naturally-dyed cotton thread and handwoven textile scraps, with 4 pom-poms interspersed between each shape.

We are offering this stunning garland in two colorways that will be in season any time of the year; elegant neutrals or vibrant brights! Each shape is adorned with knots, stars, flowers and other beautiful stitches to create pieces that feel festive and timeless for all occasions. To make these dreamy garlands just a bit more textile rich, we've added a dense Chajul-style pom-pom in between each shape. These gorgeous strands  are statement pieces for your home or office (we think they would be especially sweet in a nursery) and make excellent gifts. 

Each set includes:

  • 1  hand-embroidered moon
  • 1  hand-embroidered pine 
  • 1  hand-embroidered star 
  • hand-embroidered candies
  • 4 handmade pom-poms in the traditional Chajul style 

Please allow two weeks for production after the last day of pre-order.

Is this a gift? Would you like to include a personalized note? We'd be happy to facilitate this for you, please leave your message in the comments at check-out.

Garland Measurements:

Length: 60 inches 

Ornaments Measurements :

Width: 5 inches 

Length: 4 inches approximately

This item ships from Guatemala.

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