Holiday bundle for business development

In our final effort to put assist the weaving groups in Cobán and San Juan Cotzal that have been affected by Hurricane Eta, we have put together sweet holiday bundles packed with 10 beautiful little holiday gifts for family members, friends, co-workers, and more. 

Each bundle contains, from San Juan Cotzal:
  • 2 handwoven bookmarks
  • 3 zipper pouches (1 circular, 1 small rectangular, and 1 medium rectangular)
As well as from Kakaw Designs production:
  • 2 hand-embroidered coasters
  • 1 card holder
  • 1 hand-embroidered heart pompom (great as a holiday ornament!)
  • 1 Chajul-style pompom  (great as a holiday ornament!)

All proceeds will go to business development for the two groups. We will be working with the communities in determining their needs to get back up and running as weaving groups and provide necessary tools for growth.

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