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Handspun Cotton Scarf in Natural Indigo

Organic local cotton fibers in natural white are handspun and handwoven on a backstrap loom to make this extra soft scarf, then dip-dyed in natural indigo with loose shibori. Dominga and her family at Lake Atitlán grow cotton and process it all by hand, a laborious and beautiful process. Abigail from Mysa in Antigua. 

The cotton fiber will get softer with use - what a transformation to see after years of use.

The tradition of preparing cotton fiber by hand has significantly diminished since industrial cotton mills came about - but this eco-conscious practice is seeing a resurgence in Guatemala.

Choose from Soft Indigo (dyed in a panela/sugar vat) and Deep Indigo (dyed in an iron vat). 



Soft Indigo

Width: 14 inches 

Length: 74 inches plus 3 inches fringes

Deep Indigo :

Width: 13inches 

Length: 67 inches plus 3 inches fringes


This item ships from Guatemala

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