Handspun Bed Throw with Traditional Brocade 1

Made with locally-grown organic cotton handspun and then handwoven by Doña Marta and her family at San Juan la Laguna. The white cotton fibers have been dyed in natural cochineal to create this luscious soft bubblegum pink.

Doña Marta shared with us that she learned how to weave these brocade figures when she was a young girl. These are traditional figures that used to be more commonly woven in her hometown, a practice that has somehow been left behind in recent decades. She shared with us how her hands still remember what to do on the loom -- the figures started to "weave themselves."

We love this connection with tradition, history, handmade practices... and this extra large blanket is as cozy as can be. Three backstrap-woven panels were joined with delicate hand-stitching to make this large and cozy blanket.



Material: Local organic handspun cotton for both warp and weft. Supplementary weft threads for brocade are rayon blend.


Care: Wash with gentle detergent by hand and line dry. The fibers were starched for weaving, this may still be felt though the blanket has already been washed post weaving. It will get softer and softer with use and wash.



Width: 47 inches

Length: 80 inches plus 3 inches of twisted fringes on both ends

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