Footloom Scarf in Coconut

//Euro Trunk Show item for September 2021, shipping from Austria to EU destinations//

Handloomed scarves handwoven with cotton dyed in coconut husk for the soft cream beige, and logwood and indigo for the grey. These scarves are especially soft because they are woven on a footloom, which allows for a lighter-weight weave. The fringes are finished with macramé details. Prepared from start to finish by our partner women weavers at Lake Atitlán.

We love how naturally-dyed hues soften with use - the dyed threads reveal beautiful nuanced characteristics. We actually think the colors get increasingly more beautiful with wear - we hope you will enjoy this piece for years to come.




Width: 20 in / 51 cm
Length: 90 in /230 cm


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