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Faja Doña Lidia 1

This is a handwoven "faja" or sash/belt in the traditional style from San Antonio Aguas Calientes. It was made and used by master weaver Doña Lidia López, who is the wonderful backstrap weaving teacher for the online classes we offer.

Note that this piece is woven with double-sided brocade, a technique that is especially advanced. The figures are present in about half of the length of the faja, as the under layers would not show when worn as a sash over a traditional corte (wrap skirt). The black cotton base is showing some discoloration from use.


Material: Cotton

Care: Wash by hand in cold water and hang or lay flat to dry. 



Width: 1.75 inches

Length: 67 inches plus 3 inches of braids on both ends

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