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Corte Wrap Dress 30: size M/L

//This is a OOAK dress; each piece is different! See all the available options here. //

Now with a matching scrunchie!

This is a one-of-a-kind cotton wrap dress made with repurposed traditional corte <cortay>, a wrap skirt, full of ikat designs. Small knots were carefully placed in both the warn and weft yarn and dyed -- the parts with the knots remained in white to create the patterns. It is a labor-intensive and skilled tradition that we love. 

Two side pockets make this a super cozy dress to feel comfortable in both while at home and out. There's also a secret pocket inside the dress along the waistline, perfect for securing your credit card or a bit of cash while traveling.

This dress fits loosely like sizes M and L. The adjustable nature of the design makes it flexible for sizing.



Waist: 42 inches

Length: 45 inches

Care: Hand or machine-wash in a gentle cycle. Hang dry.

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