COMBO 6: Corte Wrap and Diamante Lila Earrings

We've teamed up with the beautiful Xibalba Joyas to bring you some gorgeous and affordable combos. Textiles and jewelry go so wonderfully together, especially with the shared traditions here in Guatemala. We are offering a pretty steep discount for these one-of-a-kind bundles in this challenging COVID-19 time.

Shipping together in bundle form. Only one unit available per combo. Please note that discount codes are not applicable for these combos.

Corte Wrap in black and white wil small jaspe (ikat) and naturally-dyed forest green fringes (Kakaw Designs) + Diamante Lila Earrings (Xibalba Joyas)

Guatemala is known for this exclusive tone of jade, which is only found here. It starts as a white stone and titanium stains it in a large variety of pastel shades, with lavender considered the most exquisite of them all. 

Read about Xibalba's inspirations and mission in this interview with founder Laura Spillari.