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Clouds of Cobán in Light Mahogany

Handwoven using naturally-dyed cotton, this breezy huipil is a delicate balance between tradition and comfort, in earthy tones achieved from mahogany and basil.  These Clouds of Cobán are dear to us because of the two groups of women involved in the making process - the natural dyers at Lake Atitlán who prepare the cotton, and the picbil weavers near Cobán who work on the delicate textile patterns, panel by panel on a traditional backstrap loom. 

This is a blouse to be treasured, as it takes about a month for one weaver to complete the three panels and embroider them stitch by stitch to make one huipil.

The blouse is traditionally loose-fitting, so sizing is pretty flexible. Only one blouse was made in these tones.

For custom options, please inquire 



Width: 35 inches 

Length: 19 inches 

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