Brick Nook Piece

A small brocade-filled gem handwoven by our friends in San Juan Cotzal, listed on our Artisan Direct page. This cooperative of weavers produces gorgeous items featuring traditional brocade motifs of the town including birds, corn, and geometric figures. Find out the meaning behind the traditional symbols in this blog post.

The size and richness of this Nook Piece makes it great for decorating all sorts of special places around the house. Under a candle, making a little alter of those important items, at the center of a small table, or even as a luxurious mousepad to ground you in your work at home. The brick-based color combination makes this piece especially energetic and joyful.

Featured also in the images: hand-embroidered earrings in our Cookie Platter (available as an add-on to our Volcano Mugs)


Length: 12 inches plus fringes

Width: 10 inches

All cotton. Please hand wash and lay flat to dry.

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Kakaw Designs handwoven textiles, Guatemala

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