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Blusa 54

This handwoven new picbil blouse has a flattering V-neck from the natural seam created by the two panels. It is all cotton and woven with a very thin thread that creates this gauze-like beauty. This is a slim-fitting piece that can easily be dressed up or down.

The picbil designs feature leaves and stars- can you spot the figures? To weave the two panels with a traditional backstrap loom with all clean selvedges, it takes about one month from start to finish - a laborious feat that only master weavers like Herlinda continue to practice today.

We think this blouse fits like US size S/M.

This blouse was handwoven by Herlinda. 

Please note that the modeled images are of previous blouses of same measurements (just different picbil figures).



Width: 28 inches

Length:  25 inches

This item ships directly from Guatemala.


Care: Please wash by hand and hang or lay flat to dry.

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