Blusa 45

A wearable art in the form of a handwoven blouse made by the weavers in Cobán. The loose "calado" weave with all cotton threads makes this piece ideal for the summer heat. This three-panel blouse is made to be loose-fitting, and can be combined easily with jeans and skirts.

The embroidery is all done by hand as well, with a rayon-blend embroidery floss, along the neckline and sleeves. 

Please note that all four selvages of each panel have been carefully completed on the loom, resulting in a beautifully clean finish without fringes. Beautifully finishing details full of tradition, all by hand.

This blouse fits like US size M.

This blouse was handwoven by Herlinda.



Width: 31 inches

Length: 25 inches

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