Announcing: The Colors of Guatemala Trip Jan 2024

Blusa 2

This piece handwoven by our partner weavers in Cobán features a delicate cotton base weave that is tightly woven to create a gauze-like effect. The vibrant hand-embroidery along the neckline and sleeves make this blouse stand out elegantly. The embroidery is full of gorgeous French knots to make the beautiful floral patterns in rayon floss.

This type of huipil (traditional blouse) is regionally worn with gathered flowy corte (wrap skirt), and the combination is really beautiful. But feel free to combine with other kinds of skirts or jeans.

Note that all three handwoven panels have four clean selvedge ends, a technically challenging feat that is laborious. The panels result in structurally strong textiles that reduce waste as they are used to their fullest.



Length 27 inches

Width 34 inches

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