Gray Boots combines unique hand-woven textiles from Guatemala with genuine leather.  Learn more about these pieces:

  • Each piece is absolutely unique.  You may have noticed that the textile options vary on the website from time to time, and that is because once an entire piece is used for boots, we move on to a different piece.  This means that though we may be able to find a similar textile from the same village, the pieces will never be exactly the same.  The website always shows the current available textile options.
  • Many indigenous women in Guatemala still wear their traditional clothing.  The huipil (wee-peel) is the blouse, and the corte (cor-teh) the wrap skirt.  If you were wondering about the names of textiles we have on the website, they are the village name and either huipil or corte.
  • The huipil is woven using a traditional backstrap loom, and the corte is woven by a large loom as the product itself is quite wide and long.  They are both carefully woven by hand, and the designs on both pieces can vary by village.  

Currently, Gray Boots offers custom-designed boots with used textiles.  We are in the process of developing a new line of boots working with a women's cooperative of weavers, and in this way we are excited to continue our support for traditional weavers.


We choose only the best textiles, and always buy from local women.
Cobán Huipil

Chichicastenango Corte