Our products are all handmade with love.  

We buy only the best traditionally-woven pieces, always directly from weavers or as close as possible from these women.  In this way, we support weaving communities so that they may continue to keep this time-honored art alive.  

We are excited to be working with a women's cooperative of weavers, and are in the process of developing our first line of boots with textiles exclusively woven for Gray Boots!


All the leatherwork is also handmade, and in the case of our boots, custom-made to order.  Our contracted bootmakers pay close attention to detail in order to provide the best work possible.  They are paid responsible wages and it is a pleasure to work closely with the local leathersmith community.  

In the case of Don Carlos, our head leathersmith, he enjoys working from his shop where he can keep his business open while he sews together our custom-ordered works.  He is very creative and loves designing different models for his shop.  We are happy to be working together with Don Carlos, and we hope that he is happy to work with us, too.