Large Momostenango Wool Blanket: Red and Yellow

//Sourced by Mari// While visiting Momostenango late November 2021, on what seemed like an especially cold morning, two soft and thick wool blankets offered for sale by Don Martín caught my eye. These are heavier-weight than most of the contemporary wool blankets made, with both warp and weft in local sheep wool. I loved that there were two complementary color varieties of the same design. 

Wool products represent a significant source of income for Momostenango. From caring for the sheep, shearing, cleaning, spinning... all the way to weaving and then felting and teasing... it is all hard work, and a tradition that we hope will continue in the town.

Note that the red version is thicker than the blue one. I believe they were once the same size, woven on the same loom, but during the felting process the red version shrank more than the blue. Perhaps it was in the hot springs for longer? Or the natural hot water source was especially hot that day? We'll never know for sure, but we sure love the slight differences that handmade processes produce.



67 inches wide, 85 inches long plus 2.5 inches of fringes.

This size is great for full and queen-size beds.

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