Silver Ixil Necklace

*Collaboration item, only one left. We're excited to be partnering with Elena Laswick to incorporate designs from the Ixil region!*

This necklace is made with handwoven textile from a cooperative of 45 women in rural, indigenous Ixil <E-sheel> Guatemala. It features a leather backing and sterling silver binding encasing a brocade design that depicts a net. This design represents unity with friends and family and is the symbol for people born on the day “Kat” in the Maya Ixil calendar.


Now only available in Net design, as featured - only one left!



This item ships directly from the US.

Product Details:

-Pendant is approximately 3" long and 1" wide

-Genuine leather backing

-Genuine sterling silver edge hand-molded to match the textile design

-15” long genuine sterling silver chain

-Handmade every step of the way in Guatemala by talented local artisans

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