Faja 2: Santa María de Jesús

This is beautiful newly-woven "faja" <fah-hah>, a traditional wrap-around sash for using above cortes, wrap skirts. About a third of the whole length of the sash features the colorful brocade patterns, as when worn the other parts that remain under the top layer are not visible. This is a beautiful piece that can easily be incorporated into home decor and creative projects.

This beauty was woven on a backstrap loom by Doña Victoria, whose family is affiliated with the organization Mary's Hope which works to improve elementary education in the community. We were approached by this grassroots organization to see if we can help promote some of the beautiful handwovens that the mothers of the community produce, as the community is rather rural and the weavers do not have a regular mode of sales. We have met with the weavers and the organizers of this non-profit, and are happy to share with you our favorite brocade-filled treasures from these women. Each sale will benefit the weaver directly (Mary's Hope does not take a commission). 



Width: 93 inches

Length: 3 inches, plus 4.5 inches of braids on each side

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