Large Coasters in Light Mint - pack of two

//This is a One-of-a-Kind artwork listed on our Artisan Direct section, brought to you straight from the weavers.//

These gorgeous decorative handwoven textile pieces make excellent additions to special nooks at home, as well as for using as luxurious coasters. Use on top of pitchers to keep flies away outdoors, place a candle on top, or use to create a small altar for those special items close to your heart... the sky is the limit!

Available in sets of two, handmade by weavers in San Juan Cotzal, with traditional brocade designs handwoven on backstrap looms. Material used is cotton.


Width: 6 inches

Length: 7 inches plus 1.5 inches of fringes on each side

Care: Hand wash in cold water with gentle detergent, and hang dry.

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Kakaw Designs handwoven textiles, Guatemala

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