Backpack 1

We fell in love with a corte with slightly different handembroidery randa than what we usually use for our Quetzal Backpacks. But check it out - isn't it so fun?? We've got TWO units of this backpack, so they are two-of-a-kind, to be honest (I don't mean to mislead you - that's why I've put them on sale).

Made with genuine local leather and traditional corte textile (wrap skirt popularly worn by Maya women) with colorful hand embroidery accents.  Two leather pockets keep your small necessities easy to reach - keys, chapstick, gum... Two little inside pockets are also great for keeping valuables in place, like credit cards, cash, or phone.  Note that the bottom and the back of the backpack are all leather, making it super durable.

Comes with adjustable straps, and a magnet to keep the top flap in place.  Go out and explore the world!



Height: 15 in / 38 cm

Width: 14 in / 36 cm

Depth: 7 in / 18 cm

This product ships directly from Guatemala. 

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