Rebozo de la Montaña

Note: Stone hues are being woven right now, expected to be ready for shipping December 10th. Order now to reserve yours. Pine version is ready for shipping from the US immediately.

These naturally-dyed shawls are handwoven specifically to provide a cozy and luxurious texture. Thick enough to keep your shoulders warm on those chilly days or nights, and yet light enough to carry in your bag. 


The ikat designs are inspired by mountains - hence the name, "montañas." The deep green and grey tones offer a nice contrast, don't you think? We're in awe of our partner weavers especially for this one, they did such a wonderful job with the tones and designs - from just our sketches. 


This item ships directly from Milwaukee.


Width: 23 inches / 60 cm

Length: 90 inches / 229 cm

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Kakaw Designs handwoven textiles, Guatemala

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