Messenger Bag

This crossbody-style classic Messenger Bag is big enough to hold all your valuables. Throw in your books, folders, laptop, etc.  Made with naturally-dyed and handwoven textile with traditional ikat technique.

Currently available in Turmeric and Indigo. The two textiles are actually dyed with the same two dyes (turmeric and indigo, you guessed it), but to varying strength. The Turmeric version has more yellow, resulting in a greener hue. The Indigo version has stronger indigo, resulting in greater contrast. Choose your favorite.



Length: 14in / 35.5cm

Height: 11in / 28cm

Depth: 4in / 10cm

Adjustable strap as long as 43in / 109cm


This item ships either from Guatemala or Milwaukee depending on availability.

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Kakaw Designs handwoven textiles, Guatemala

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