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Medium Wool Rug in Natural White

Handwoven in Momostenango using only the most pristine natural white sheep wool for both the warp and weft. The fibers have been hand-spun into yarn first, then woven on a footloom, and felted to ensure durable use. We love that the beautiful color is completely natural, dye-free!

This particular rug is extra-felted in comparison to other pieces we have, which makes it slightly thicker and heavier.

Momostenango is a town in the highlands of Guatemala known for their work with wool. To weave with hand-spun wool for the warp is a challenging feat, and many weavers opt instead for commercial cotton thread for the warp. But we've selected our favorites in 100% natural and local wool. We love the end result especially with the felting, as fibers lock together and make the rug more durable.

Machine-washable in gentle cycle or wool cycle in cold water with gentle detergent. Line dry.



Width: 32 inches (2.7 feet) 

Length: 63.5 inches (5.3 feet)

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